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Bevel Ducatis in their natural habitat

Probably my favourite V-twin – and it’s all mine: a 1980 Ducati 900SS ridden on the 2006 Motogiro. Blimey – nearly 15 years ago. Terrible bike for an event designed for 1950s 175cc singles, but my, there were some fine moments. I rode most of the time with the Greek owner of the 750 Sport which, despite having just been restored, blew a joint on the brake hose on day one: it took 48 hours to find and fit a replacement and yes he rode over 400 miles like that. I stayed behind him at all times.

I’ve never ridden a roundcase 750 Ducati V-twin, and some say they’re nicer than the 864cc versions, because that’s the capacity Taglioni designed them to be. Three things: one, it was initially designed as a 500; two, it rapidly became 864cc for endurance racing; and three: I’ve lusted after the 900SS since I was a teenager, and what teenage boy could ever be persuaded a 750 was better than a 900? I know that a sorted 750SS is as quick as the 900, but given I’m at least £100,000 short of the benchmark price for a green frame ignorance is likely to remain bliss


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