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Sketchy 750

This is another masterpiece by Jamie Kinroy that opened a piece on the Target Design's MV Agusta based prototype that caught Suzuki's eye and led to the Katana - the story's in Benzina 15, available in the shop. Jamie also did illustrations for Benzina 14 and 16.

The 750 Sport is revered as the most collectible MV roadster, and can make the thick end of a £100k - in August Bonhams sold one for a nice but unoriginal late model Sport for over £66,000

But to be honest by the mid-seventies you could buy better bikes, notably the Ducati 750 and 900SS. In a road test Bike magazine preferred the Benelli Sei at a fraction of the price, and to be honest something like a Rickman framed Z900 was a far better sporting steed. But heritage is something the Japanese factories haven't curated and collectors of the future will still probably be investing in Italian metal long after the sale of petrol has been outlawed

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