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The first ton up TT

This is Michael Dunlop at the 2017 Classic TT about to a the parade lap to mark 60 years since Bob McIntyre set the first 100mph lap of the Isle of Man’s TT course. The bike’s a replica of the Gilera Quattro McIntyre rode and Dunlop did actually manage a 100mph lap from a standing start to celebrate.

Geoff Duke was initially credited with achieving the first 100mph lap of the mountain course in 1956 on a Gilera 500 four, but timekeepers subsequently downgraded it to 99.97mph.

The 1957 Junior TT was the opening event of the TT’s Golden Jubilee, on Monday 3 June, with organisers and fans alike expecting much. They would not be disappointed. The Junior was initially led by McIntyre who broke the class lap record from a standing start, allowing him to romp to a comfortably win. The result augured well for the Senior to be held, as usual, on the Friday.

McIntyre did not disappoint. From a standing start his opening lap of 99.99 mph broke Duke’s old record. On the flying second lap McIntyre took just 22 minutes and 24.4 seconds to circulate, an average speed of 101.03mph and so posting the first 100mph-plus lap of the mountain course. As the news spread the crowd cheered him ever onward, the feat repeated again on lap three with an average of 100.54 mph and then on four and six at 101.12 and 100.35 mph respectively. McIntyre eventually won in 3 hours 2 minutes and 57.2 seconds at a race average of 98.99 mph, giving him more than two minutes in hand over second placed John Surtees.

Again the full story’s in my Classic TT Racers published by Crowood Press

The action picture is courtesy Pacemaker /

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