40 years ago  Mike Hailwood returned to the TT with a very flash collection of Yamahas  and an unfancied Ducati 900F1. In fact it was the big bike from Bologna  that created the fairytale, and if my Ducati and the TT book is a bit  expensive for you, or you're just interested in Mike's return to the  Island, this is for you


  40 YEARS Celebrating Mike Hailwood’s 1978 Formula 1 TT win

 THE TRUTH How Sports Motorcycles took Mike to victory

  PATON Little known marque that can rule the Isle of Man

  MV AGUSTA R19 Teasing us with the promise of a 500 four roadster in 1950

  TARGET AQUIRED The MV 750 separated at birth from the Suzuki Katana

  I BOUGHT A HAUNTED MOTORBIKE Nightmares with a Laverda Formula Mirage

  A FITTING MOTORCYCLE Melissa Holbrook Pierson on Moto Guzzi’s Lario and V7II

  BEDFORD KZ Parilla and Bultaco join the Continental Circus

  RICHARD MORLEY Gearbox maestro, Parilla works racer

  AN ITALIAN WALKS INTO A BAR Building winning Ducati flat trackers

  AN AUSTRALIAN & AN AMERICAN WALK INTO A BAR Troy Bayliss flat tracking Ducati

  THE BEST BIMOTA TESI Probably not the hub centre steered beauty you’re expecting

  FLATWHITE v DOUBLE ESPRESSO  350 Morini ,125 MV Agusta and Motobi reviewed

  MONSTER MUNCH 25 years on the story of the original M900 at its best

  MONZA The very first races from 1922

  IN THE END you can’t control events - so enjoy the ride

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