16 issues in and so we celebrate 16 valve cylinder heads. And why  not? It’s 50 years since Benelli felt their 16 valve fours could fill  the void Honda had left when they abandoned the grand prix circus. It is  also a chance to look for another angle on one of the first and most  famous Italian 16 valve motorcycles - Moto Guzzi’s magnificent V8 as a  scale model in the Protar story. There’s also the tale of Mike  Hailwood’s lost years between leaving Honda at the end of 1967 and his  return to the TT. Most assume he was racing cars but in fact there was  still plenty of motorcycle action. Oh, and he raced a full season of  Formula 1 car racing in 1964 in between winning the 500 world  championship. And for those who prefer two strokes, turn to  Phil  Aynsley’s photo essay from a golden era of grand prix racing.Here's what's in the 240mm x 210mm 100 page paperback book:

 50YEARS Benelli try on Honda’s 16 valve boots

 WHAT MIKE DID NEXT Hailwood’s time between grand prix Hondas and TT return

 WHAT PROVINI DID NEXT Protar scale models and catalogue extracts

 1935 SENIOR TT Stanley Woods and Moto Guzzi make history

 DIY BICILINDRICA Moto Guzzi built 12. Here’s one man’s alternative

 V7 SPORT TELAIO ROSSO The first Italian superbike,  from Moto Guzzi

 SCOUTING PARTY The Indians built by Italjet for  Floyd Clymer and the US market

 NIETO Senor Angel Nieto, in his own words

 FOUR CYLINDER DUCATIS More of them than you’d think, including a car

 DESMOSEDICI Buying and riding a MotoGP bike for the road

 LAVERDA SUPERTWIN 90bhp and the beating of big fours with a SFC “750”

 500 GRAND PRIX TWO-STROKES A photo essay on the Italian competitors

 IN THE END you can only ride one motorcycle at a time

Benzina 16

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