Benzina 17, the last issue for the time being, a 100 pages at 24cm x 21cm final hurrah. Anyway, who thought we’d make it to issue 17? Some sort of ultimate, and indeed it is: this is the ultimate - as in final - edition of Benzina, for now at least. I’ve loved the travel and the stories, but in the 9 years I’ve published Benzina I’ve gone from someone who rode a huge variety of Italian motorcycles in a huge variety of ways (including four Moto Giros) to someone who hardly rides at all. I also struggle to come up with new stories of an Italian bent, and feel there’s something of a schism opening up, with Ducati fans especially seeming to only really want to read about their favoured marque. And I don’t blame them, I just thing that well - especially from the Taglioni era -is running dry. So a huge thank you to all who have bought and contributed to Benzina. It feels like talking to friends more than readers, and it’s also been an immense privilege. I hope you all feel this edition is worthy of the back catalogue. Greg (editor, publisher and chief scribbler) Page number/Contents 04 Dept. of curiosities 1: Ducati refitting Triumph cars for the Italian market 06 Dept. of curiosities 2: The 500 Galbusera - a two-stroke V8. In 1938 12 Dept. of curiosities 3: The Major 350, winner of the 2018 Concorso Villa d’Este 14 25 years ago, Claudio Castigioni rebooted MV Agusta V2.0 20 A streetbike named desire: MV Agusta’s F4 RR Corsacorta 26 Model MV Agusta: Perfect quarter scale 500 triple by Glen English 36 Itom: Just 50cc you say? Enough to lap the TT course at almost 60mph 40 The first lady: Beryl Swain, perhaps the first lady in a world championship race 50 Mototemporada: Sixties street racing at Italian seaside resorts 64 Pantah: Tony Rutter, Pat Slinn and Steve Wynne on winning big in 1981 82 Rising from the ashes: Dealer visit to the Ducati factory in 1991 96 Spag bol: because Brits will never ask for ragù alla bolognese 98 In the end: there’s no ending, just a place where you leave the story 99 The Road: the next Big Thing

Benzina 17

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